Sahara Tent 2012.

One of the best lineups in Coachella history. 6 years ago yesterday. Black Keys, Swedish House Mafia, Radiohead and Snoop Dogg. All of my favorite things in one place. I fled to the desert like I had many times before, but looking back 2012 was hands down one of the best times I have ever... Continue Reading →


Let’s be friends.

I have been dying to write. I have been choosing other priorities over writing and I feel this itchy feeling under my skin that I just cannot quite place. I think this feeling of a low level chronic anxiousness is because I have not been able to express myself the way I need to and... Continue Reading →

Moana 2.0~~~

I truly do believe every day and every moment is a new year and a new you.  I am not a huge fan of using a date change to need to justify being a better version of yourself. With that being said, I love reflecting in general and think it is important to see the... Continue Reading →

Driving with Strangers.

A lot of things can happen in a short amount of time. I will make it quick, but also give my experiences what they are owed. I quit my job at Expedia. I was overqualified, underpaid, micromanaged, mislead, and breaking my trust does not work well with me...especially when I can make more money and... Continue Reading →

Emily, your turn.

I made it through the onset of my new career endeavor. 5 weeks of training later, I have felt a lot of the feels--nerves, self-doubt, insecurity, confidence, exhaustion, excitement, anxiety, anxiety and anxiety. But. I didn't miss ONE DAY. I didn't miss ONE MINUTE. I wanted to run away several times when I was faced... Continue Reading →


As quickly as you get thrown into adventure you get spit back out into the mold. Here I am, back at home, not really able to comprehend the amount of experiences and life lessons I fit into 2 weeks, a mere 336 hours of the 27,1560 I have already been allotted. It makes me want... Continue Reading →


23:40 That is when my grandfather left the earth tonight. I see him in the stars and I see him in the moon. I see him with my grandmother. I am breathing steady and long breaths. I can taste the foreign Seattle air on my tongue and I can feel a piece of my family... Continue Reading →

The Good News.

Today, I got a job. Not just any job---one that I worked really hard to get. I look at jobs like a significant other (who you spend even more time with) and the last thing I will ever do is settle. This girl knows what she wants. So when I started my search months ago,... Continue Reading →

Freedom is Within You

Chapter 30. My name is Emily. I am a 30 (soon to be 31) year old floating around through space--well, Silicon Valley, but it feels like space sometimes. Earlier this year, I had a nervous break down and didn't even really recognize it--nor did anyone else I am sure. I think just as you get... Continue Reading →

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